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About Nouxinde Bearings

Nouxinde(NXD) Bearing Co,. Ltd. founded in 2007, our branch company is located in USA. As one of the professional BEARINGS-man, we are committed to supply China Top-level quality bearings! Our brand is DXO and DEBOT. Debot is our Amercia's brand.

Our strength: you'll enjoy "good price", "sound stock", "flexible payment" backed by our National Top Development Strategic Policy--"The Belt & Road Initiative"(B&R). Our warehouses were established in Tianjin, the very center of Logistics Transition in North China, and clients from countries along benefits a lot.

Additional support: through us, you'll finally know, needed bearings in hands are not everything. Professional advices, easy-understanding words with patient services from our technical team are waiting for you here. That'll ensure our bearings correctly installed and smoothly operations with longer service life.

Application to be covered: automotive, heavy industries, steel mills, cement plant, pulp & paper, oil & gas, energy, agriculture, hydrodynamic, etc...

Why Choose us

The quality of our products can replace some of the well-known brand, but the price is cheaper than them.

Bearing steel supplier is the same as SKF bearing steel supplier in China.

Sophisticated inspection equipment, including hardness, profile, length, roundness, material analysis, metallurgical analysis etc., ensuring the stability of product quality.

Our tapered roller bearings including inch size and metric size.

Bearings can transit from Malaysia if you need , avoiding bearing Anti-dumping duty for some countries.

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