Product tables - Deep groove ball bearings

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full ranges of deep groove ball bearing, including single row and double row deep groove ball bearings, principal dimensions, size chart.
Deep groove ball bearing
Bearing number:   
Bore diameter (d): mm - mm    
Bearing Number Brand Principal Dimensions (mm) Details
6403DXO176217 Details
6404DXO207219 Details
6405DXO258021 Details
6406DXO309023 Details
6407DXO3510025 Details
6408DXO4011027 Details
6409DXO4512029 Details
6410DXO5013031 Details
6411DXO5514033 Details
6412DXO6015035 Details
6413DXO6516037 Details
6414DXO7018042 Details
6415MDXO7519045 Details
6416MDXO8020048 Details
6417MDXO8521052 Details
6418MDXO9022554 Details
609DXO9247 Details
608DXO8227 Details
607DXO7196 Details
629DXO9268 Details
627DXO7227 Details
626DXO6196 Details
625DXO5165 Details
624DXO4135 Details
623DXO3104 Details
635DXO5196 Details
634DXO4165 Details
61900DXO10226 Details
61901DXO12246 Details
61902DXO15287 Details
61903DXO17307 Details
61904DXO20379 Details
61905DXO25429 Details
61906DXO30479 Details
61907DXO355510 Details
61908DXO406212 Details
61909DXO456812 Details
61910DXO507212 Details
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